Emily Jacobson

"Emily truly cares about her clients and was absolutely amazing! She took care of everything and made the daunting task of selling our house and buying a new one extremely easy." - Laura T.

Born and raised in Colorado, from the ski slopes of Summit County to the plains of the Parker area, I have the expertise and knowledge to make your buying and selling experience enjoyable and unforgettable!

I pride myself on being a market expert and am committed to giving my clients top notch service. I am an integral member of a hand-selected team that provides the highest standards of business ethics, finesse and market wisdom to every zip code and it is an honor to be an 8z Real Estate Broker.

Looking for a home can be a fun and exciting journey. It is a time of discovery, and a time of fulfilling dreams. I will make every effort to go the extra mile, communicate, negotiate and simplify every detail. My clients’ are TOP PRIORTY and I am here to listen intently, care deeply and understand my client’s needs and wants.

Choosing a REALTOR that fits your style is a very important decision. I am here to put your best interests above my own and with that I bring effective communication, transparency, integrity, respect and my all-inclusive, attention to detail and passion for this business that will not let you down!

John R.

Emily was very pleasant in every way. She was very thorough in presenting available properties for us to look at. Once we were locked in on a property she made sure all processes were achieved in a timely fashion to achieve closing. We were advised every step of the way through closing and we would definitely use Emily Sullivant again!

Laura T.

Emily truly cares about her clients and was absolutely amazing! She took care of everything and made the daunting task of selling our current house and buying a new one extremely easy. If any problem arose, she was on top of it, and fixed it immediately. She was wonderful every step of the way and we recommend her to all our friends and family.

Kate L.

We were moving to the Denver area from Kansas and had to find a home we liked within our very small window of selling and closing on our home in Kansas. Emily was able to negotiate a dual closing date for both our selling house and our purchasing home for us and make it all possible. Emily even helped us with advice and guidance on selling our home in Kansas, of which she was not obligated or benefited financially. She even paid out of her own pocket to have our new home deep cleaned. We are very thankful for landing Emily and her extensive real estate knowledge!


Emily is very good at building relationships and trust, and she does this by doing what she says she'll do. She takes the time to do things right! She helped us find contractors, negotiate rates, meet timelines, and negotiate in a savvy manner with the selling agent. She took a risk, working with a TRELORA listing, knowing that her commission might be a fraction of what it usually is. It worked out beautifully, but only because she really knows the real estate business inside and out. She actually found our home while we were in vacation, took videos of it, and was instrumental in closing the deal We have two kids under the age of 4, so needless to say patience is a necessity in order to work with.us. Thanks so much Emily!